Simple Tips for Having Cold Bath

March 15, 2017

Tips for cold bath 1We all bath and we all need to. When we were small our parents used to give us bath whether we wanted to or not. But now we are big, no one is going to force us, well they can’t because we are now adult and we have our own rights to make decisions. They even can’t dictate how many times should we bathe or how should we do it unless we are directly affecting them.

But also we bath, because not having bath makes you look like stinky savage. Some do it daily whereas some feel hard even to bath in weekend.

Moreover bathing daily is a good thing, bathing gives new freshness and vibrancy. Everyday our skin sweats a lot and attracts lots of dirt. This gives bacteria and harmful germs to flourish, which ultimately affects our health and skin. Bathing washes them all and brings newness in body. Bathing helps to remain hygienic and even prevent communicable diseases.

I personally prefer to bath daily with cold water. As written above there are many benefits of bathing regularly but there are extra more benefits bathing daily with cold water, here I like to mention some extra benefits:

1. Health benefits: Bathing with water helps in blood circulation and increases brown fat which is good for health. Moreover bathing with cold water increases immunity and produces more white blood cells.

2. Cold bath is good for our skin and hair as it helps to preserve moisture whereas warm water dries our skin.

3. Increase in Willpower: Having a cold bath daily takes a lot of will power, many people can’t do it. But doing it daily can increase your willpower and resiliency. This increase in willpower starts to make positive effect in other area of life.

4. It even reduces depression and releases stress.

5. My Personal View: Currently I live in a place where warming the water comes with hassle and if you are bathing daily then it is worse. Moreover it’s actually easy to just fill the bucket with tap water and bath, it also saves energy and there are more benefits of cold bath. Bathing with cold water gives me independence, no matter wherever I go, I don’t have to worry about not having warm water to bath but if it is about having only warm water then it’s not a problem. I have also noticed myself being more productive and proactive, I have felt being less susceptible to cold. It has also made lots of positive affect in other aspects of my routine and my life.

My tips for having cold bath:

Tips for cold bath 2Well having a cold bath is a big deal esp. if you haven’t tried it or if you live in cold region or if you bath in cold morning. In past, I also used to feel the same, I had to wait for the sun to fully come-out inorder to take bath. But I created a technique to make cold bath more easier. Well I don’t know whether this is scientific method or not, but this has worked for me. I just try to be as slow (but not so slow, it takes 5-10 minutes for me to bath) as possible allowing the body to lose heat slowly and hence feeling less cold.

At first, I start from leg, I just paint it with water, then use soap and scrub. Then I do the same thing for hand and upper body respectively. Then I go for head. After that, I rinse the body by pouring water from tap, which don’t give me much shock, as my body has already loosen substantial amount of heat. It’s easy to bath like this, well easier than giving the body shock by directly pouring the cold water from top.

Moreover, create a routine. Our brain tries to automate things as much as possible, so if you create routine i.e. (Trigger-Desired Activity-Reward) then it will be easy. I have been bathing with cold water since last 7-8 months everyday. I clean my room and take bath. My brain is automated to bath after cleaning the room, cleaning the room acts like a trigger for me to bath. And reward is freshness and feeling of accomplishments that comes after bathing. And more regularly I do it, the more automatic and habitual it gets, hence becomes more easy.

Cold Bath Ritual: 1

Friday, February 24, 2017
After exercising, meditating and cleaning my room I started Cold Bath at 7:54 AM.

Since last +6 months I have been bathing regularly with cold water everyday.

Well, it’s not always I fold my cloth like this before bathing, it’s just for taking this Picture.

Well, it’s 7:54, there is still some amount of fog. I was late today, pretty late. As I was capturing my photos while doing exercise which took about 85 minutes instead of normal time of 25 minutes. Moreover I also had to go to dairy to deliver the Buffalo’s milk because Grandfather had ache in his leg. Normally if everything goes right then I will bath before 6:45 AM. In the beginning when I used to wake up late at 7 AM, 8 AM or even 11 Am, then I used to bath even at 12 or 1 PM, then only I would eat my lunch. But things has improved a lot, nowadays I mostly wake up at 4 or 5 AM.

Moreover I chose to bath outside rather than in Bathroom because it feel much free and open. It feels good to bath in outside or may be I am habituated to do so. And I don’t use water from Tubewell, we have a tap water from the hill stream, it’s tasty and natural. Well Tubewell water is also good but is not as good as water from the Fresh stream of Hill.

Since I bath outside, Don’t worry about what I wear, I am not like those guys who just wear their underwear while bathing even in Open, it’s disgusting. I wear shorts while bathing, I have two Shorts and two Vests that I wear turn by turn. I wash them daily and put them in SUN for drying.

While bathing I am not the big fan of giving myself Shock by pouring the water from the top of head. Well, being Hindu, it’s our tradition to pour the water from Top of head and chant Hare Ram, Hare Krishna or Jai Ma Durga etc inorder to cope with shock by cold water. But who cares about that, I don’t. So, I do it slowly, first of all I paint my legs with water, just paint it. Then put some soap, scrub and let it be. After that I paint my hand, put some soap, scrub it and let it be. After that comes the turn of upper body, I also paint my upper body with water, then put some soap and scrub. While Shampooing my hair, I gently pour as little water as possible just to wet my hair, then shampoo it. This allows my body to loose body heat slowly and hence feel less cold and less resistance to bath. Finally I pour the water and rinse my body with water. I use about 10 litres of water to bath.

During winter when the cloth wasn’t getting dried due to absence of SUN, I used to put Wet Shorts on and bath with it, inorder to prevent the shorts I was wearing from getting wet. And after bathing I wore the used shorts instead of washing it. I didn’t gave myself excuse to miss even a single day of bathing. Now it feels automatic to bath.

Benefits of Bathing with Cold Water: Well, if you search in Internet about benefit of bathing with cold water then you will get 100s of good points from things like improve in immunity, increase in will power to increase in Sperm Count (Well I don’t have to worry about the later one, not currently).

Personally, I have found it to be one the Great Habits to Cultivate. I feel refreshed and cleaned. I feel awesome and amazing. I get new kind of energy after bathing, it feels vibrant and fresh.

After bathing, I wash my clothes and plan my day ahead. This is my work place or office you may call. I put the laptop in height because I work by sitting in simple and easier form of lotus position because it’s good for back and posture. (Update: 2017/03/15 I stopped sitting in lotus position because my knee started to hurt, so now I sit in Chair.)

If everything goes right, then my all these routine will get finished in less than 2 hours.

This is just a Personal Journal, I hope it inspired you.