Small Habits To Follow

Sunday, February 26, 2017


(This single line represent single repetition of my Auto-suggestion (or Prayer). There are currently 126 days in this photo and can record upto 143 days.)

  • Auto-Suggest Daily: Since more than last 6 months or so, I have been regularly auto-suggesting. Currently I auto-suggest 3 times in the morning, just after waking up and three times in the evening, after my dinner.

In the beginning I used to do it for 100 times a day but thinking it was unsustainable and time consuming, I started to reduce it and reached this point.

So, what’s the benefit:

  1. Gives me the right mindset: Well, I can’t give you exact direct proof but I believe it has made tremendous effect on me unconsciously. In past I used to exercise and meditate but they were irregular, I used to do it for few months and leave it, again start after few months and again leave it after sometimes. But since last +6 months or so, I have been exercising, meditating and bathing with cold water daily. The only different thing this time is: I have been auto-suggesting daily. I believe I have been literally programming myself.
  2. Acts as Trigger: This is the first thing I do daily after waking up. It’s easy, I don’t feel resistance just repeat the same phrases, quotes, principles and goal everyday three times. I don’t even have to look at copy, I have memorized them. This prepares me for exercising. I exercise right after auto-suggesting. In the book Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg, he says habit contains Trigger-Routine-Reward. Auto-suggesting is the trigger for me to exercise. It’s so automatic. (Auto-Suggest) – (Exercise) – (Meditate) – (Clean the Room) – (Bath with Cold Water) – (Plan Ahead) – (Start Working)………………..It’s getting more and more automatic and becoming strong habit.


(Well, this one is little bit old, about 26 days old, currently I have replaced “Practice Typshala” with “Create a Video”. Moreover I write the same thing everyday, I am just trying to form a habit and it works. I have also created my own Youtube Channel and doing pretty

(I write the Part “Things I am grateful for” and “Things I can be in Future” only at night after auto-suggesting. )

  • Plan A Day Ahead: Just after bathing with cold water, I write these plans in my notebook everyday, I have been doing this thing since couple of months. It has given me better focus and differentiate between what is important and what is not. I believe it’s also programming and reinforcing myself myself to do what I want to do.
  • I believe in “Fake it Till you Make it.”

These are just some of my best of the best habit that can be followed within 5–10 minutes.

If you are interested more in my other habits I am trying to develop then you can go to my link: My Daily Routine: Part 1

This is just the part of my journaling and saving my life in words. I hope I inspired you.

Originally it was posted in Quora as “Simple things to follow which takes less than 5 minutes.”.

Struggling Through Dark Days

Sunday, February 26, 2017

It was about 1–2 years ago, I used to had depression and was very sad, I had very low confidence. And everything was wrong, I felt like suiciding, not living anymore. I was angry at everyone even at God.

What kept me going?

  1. My Mom : I am the only child and immediate family of her, she is divorced and I am the only one with whom she can rely on. During the hard time, I tried to live just for her. Since my birth, she has been struggling hard to keep me alive and give me better future, this helped me to avoid the Idea of Killing myself and abandoning her. (Well, I don’t know if there was any chance of my suicide, but it was really hard time, I was hopeless with life, depressed. Since I never tried of anything to hurt myself, I don’t if I would have ever suicided. But my Mom kept me going.) The Idea of only living for someone I love and care kept me going.
  2. I surrendered: I started to search for hope and meaning of life spirituality, I listened to Dr Wayne Dyer’s I can See clearly Now, read Eckart Tolle’s Power of Now. I started to turn toward spirituality. I Surrendered: Amazing Synchronicity Let Go. Let God.
  3. I just Breathe: I started counting my breaths inorder to avoid unnecessary thinking. I used to count till 100 and again begin from 0. After reading Power of Now and various things I realized Breathing is Everything.
  4. I Kept Dreaming: I always dreamed big, I always tried to remain hopeful no matter how hard the thing was. I always thought that good things can happen in life if only I worked hard and struggle more.

Currently, I am good. I have life purpose, I have a Goal to live and strive for.

Since Past +6 months I have been regularly Exercising, Meditating and Bathing with Cold water. I guess this is releasing hormones and good chemicals in my body to make me feel good and avoid depression. This has made me hopeful and stronger mentally and physically.

You can read them here:

Exercise Ritual: 1

Cold Bath Ritual: 1

Daily Routine: Part 1

I hope it inspired you.

Originally it was posted in: Quora

Exercise Ritual: 1

Friday, February 24, 2017
Although, I had slept yesterday at around 12 AM (I was unable to sleep because I slept during the day for 2-3 hours), moreover I was sharing my work to my friends over messenger and I was so excited about it. But anyway, I woked up at 5 AM with the alarm.

Even though, I didn’t felt like waking up, I woked up. I finished Auto-Suggesting at 5:15 AM.

Here goes a Quote, “Self-discipline is the ability to make yourself do what you should do, when you should do it, whether you feel like it or not.” –Elbert Hubbard.

(While exercising, I listen to Motivational video, I play it in background in my laptop.)

I started doing Diamond Push Up at 5:15 Am.

After that I did Abs Crunch at 5:32 AM. I do it 50*3 REPS i.e 150 REPS. I don’t know it’s exact name and what exactly it does to body. But it act as Buffer between my two Diamond Pushups.

Next Push Up at 5:40 AM. 50 REPS.

Heel Raise at 5:41 AM. 50*3 REPS, total of 150 REPS.

Last Push Up at 5:43 AM. 50 REPS.

Chair Dips at 5:44 AM. 50*3 REPS, total of 150 REPS.

(Seen those stacks of copies and pencils, it’s not mine. Mom is going to donate those copies, pencils, pens and volleyball to the student of Government School. 52 more bags are remaining to be bought.)

First Sit Up at 5:53 AM. 50 REPS. Well, currently I am not doing full sit ups, I am just doing partial, enough to create pressure in my stomach. You know it’s hard, really hard to do 50*3 Perfect Sit Ups, so for now I am sticking to easier sit-up form (Partial One) and will increase the intensity with time.

First Dumbell Lift at 6:02 AM. 50 REPS.

(I used this weight and Dictionary as a stand for my Iphone to take picture.)

I use this as Dumbell because I am not eating any diet, just Dal Bhat (Rice, lentil and vegetables) twice a day and 3-4 Roti (Bread) between them. Moreover I want to be slow and take my time to make this exercising habit strong and super automatic. I also don’t earn money and I don’t want to give my mother extra stress by spending on everything I love to. So, I will just wait till I make my own money before I buy my own personal set of Dumbells.

I have been making use of what has been locally available to me since my early days, about 7-8 years ago I used to use single brick. After 1-2 years, I used two bricks, I bore hole in the middle of Bricks and connected them by Rod. It took me 2-3 weeks of continuous effort to bore the hole. I used to work before and after the school with hammer and a blunt rod, I had to be slow and soft otherwise the brick will break.

Second Sit Up at 6:04 AM. 50 REPS.

Second Dumbell Lift at 6:06. 50 REPs.

Third Sit Up at 6:08. 50 REPS.

Third Dumbell Lift at 6:09 AM. 50 REPS.

Other than just exercising I also started doing few Yoga and stretch. About 2-3 months ago, I used to had lower back pain, I thought it was due to cold bath. But I wasn’t in the idea of giving up bath due to Back Pain, I thought of dying in the battle field. Later, I searched over internet for remedy, then I found these three over the Youtube. It has worked well. Since I started doing all these three in same time, so I don’t know which one has worked. I think I will stick to all these three as for now.

Flat back bent at 6:12 AM. I don’t know what is it called. 3 REPS.

(Back Exercise) Camel and Cat at 6:19 AM. 3 REPS.
Yoga at 6:23 AM. 3 REPS. I don’t exactly know it’s name.

Body bent at 6:36 AM. I touch my toe with hand without bending my knee. 3 REPS.
(Well, even though I have written “Running” in my Daily Routine I don’t do it because I don’t want to hurry, I want to make slow and stable progress. I am just 20 years old and I have enough time ahead, so I will just wait and make this current routine more strong and better before jumping into something little bit hard. I will just wait and be mentally prepared for running.)

Well, I am not becoming muscular by doing these thing, I am hardgainer, I have skinny genes. So it will be very very hard for me to gain healthy muscular weight. But I am happy about it, I am becoming healthy and strong. It’s good to exercise, there are 1000s of benefits of exercising from ageing slowly, increase in immunity, better emotional health to becoming energetic and active.

By the way it generally takes me less than 25 minutes to exercise but today it took me about 85 minutes, since I was also capturing my photos.

It’s been more than 6 months, it feel awesome and automatic. It has become a habit. I don’t think I have missed a single day. In the beginning I started from small step but over time made tremendous progress. Beginning days were hard and badest.

Well, it’s not that, I started exercising in just last 6 months, I first did my Push Up when I was in class 6 about 8-9 years ago, I first meditated about 4-5 years ago when I was in class 9. But I wasn’t regular, I used to do it for few months and leave it, and again start after couple of weeks or months, and again leave it. I wasn’t regular. But since last 6 months I have been so-so regular. So, you may not achieve the same thing as I did, in just 6 months, it might take years or more, but just keep doing and keep going. As long as you keep going, you will make it someday.

After exercising, I did Meditation from 6:38 AM to 7:03 AM. I meditate by sitting in the same chair I used for Dip because sitting in lotus position gives me tingling in my legs, it hurts and my legs sleeps. I count my breathe till 500 times.

Then I Cleaned my room by watching Brian Tracy Seminar in Youtube from 7:03 AM to 7:54 AM.

Then Bathed at 7:54 AM.

If everything goes right then I will generally finish my whole routine in less than 2 hours.

I hope it inspired you. Moreover I am just recording my daily life for my future self to learn about my past, it’s just part of my journaling. This is just a Personal Blog.

Cold Bath Ritual: 1

Friday, February 24, 2017
After exercising, meditating and cleaning my room I started Cold Bath at 7:54 AM.

Since last +6 months I have been bathing regularly with cold water everyday.

Well, it’s not always I fold my cloth like this before bathing, it’s just for taking this Picture.

Well, it’s 7:54, there is still some amount of fog. I was late today, pretty late. As I was capturing my photos while doing exercise which took about 85 minutes instead of normal time of 25 minutes. Moreover I also had to go to dairy to deliver the Buffalo’s milk because Grandfather had ache in his leg. Normally if everything goes right then I will bath before 6:45 AM. In the beginning when I used to wake up late at 7 AM, 8 AM or even 11 Am, then I used to bath even at 12 or 1 PM, then only I would eat my lunch. But things has improved a lot, nowadays I mostly wake up at 4 or 5 AM.

Moreover I chose to bath outside rather than in Bathroom because it feel much free and open. It feels good to bath in outside or may be I am habituated to do so. And I don’t use water from Tubewell, we have a tap water from the hill stream, it’s tasty and natural. Well Tubewell water is also good but is not as good as water from the Fresh stream of Hill.

Since I bath outside, Don’t worry about what I wear, I am not like those guys who just wear their underwear while bathing even in Open, it’s disgusting. I wear shorts while bathing, I have two Shorts and two Vests that I wear turn by turn. I wash them daily and put them in SUN for drying.

While bathing I am not the big fan of giving myself Shock by pouring the water from the top of head. Well, being Hindu, it’s our tradition to pour the water from Top of head and chant Hare Ram, Hare Krishna or Jai Ma Durga etc inorder to cope with shock by cold water. But who cares about that, I don’t. So, I do it slowly, first of all I paint my legs with water, just paint it. Then put some soap, scrub and let it be. After that I paint my hand, put some soap, scrub it and let it be. After that comes the turn of upper body, I also paint my upper body with water, then put some soap and scrub. While Shampooing my hair, I gently pour as little water as possible just to wet my hair, then shampoo it. This allows my body to loose body heat slowly and hence feel less cold and less resistance to bath. Finally I pour the water and rinse my body with water. I use about 10 litres of water to bath.

During winter when the cloth wasn’t getting dried due to absence of SUN, I used to put Wet Shorts on and bath with it, inorder to prevent the shorts I was wearing from getting wet. And after bathing I wore the used shorts instead of washing it. I didn’t gave myself excuse to miss even a single day of bathing. Now it feels automatic to bath.

Benefits of Bathing with Cold Water: Well, if you search in Internet about benefit of bathing with cold water then you will get 100s of good points from things like improve in immunity, increase in will power to increase in Sperm Count (Well I don’t have to worry about the later one, not currently).

Personally, I have found it to be one the Great Habits to Cultivate. I feel refreshed and cleaned. I feel awesome and amazing. I get new kind of energy after bathing, it feels vibrant and fresh.

After bathing, I wash my clothes and plan my day ahead. This is my work place or office you may call. I put the laptop in height because I work by sitting in simple and easier form of lotus position because it’s good for back and posture. (Update: 2017/03/15 I stopped sitting in lotus position because my knee started to hurt, so now I sit in Chair.)

If everything goes right, then my all these routine will get finished in less than 2 hours.

This is just a Personal Journal, I hope it inspired you.

I want to Sacrifice

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

img_3527Currently I feel excited, pressured and stressed to achieve my dream, the dream of being a pro-blogger. I don’t know whether this is the result of my Autosuggestion and visualization. If it is then it is a good thing.

I am really happy about it. I am happy that I am pushing myself everyday to new level, I am breaking my limits. I am trying to form the habit of working hard, really hard.

Right now, I have a feeling that this is just the thing I want to do in life. I feel like I can do this thing (blogging) for my whole life even I am paid minimal or nothing and I don’t know whether this is the result of my autosuggestion and visualization.

But this feeling is real, I feel like I am ready to give up everything in life for this things to happen, for me being able to change life and inspire people and lift the earth and world. To live by following my passion and to keep on growing.

I am experiencing the same thing, the boy experienced in The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. I know, if I leave this thing today and give up then this dream, this thing will hunt me down for my whole life.

It is giving me energy and joy to keep going. I am trying to be hopeful and strong despite my chance of having or achieving this thing is less.

I am thinking about it as much as I can, I wanna brainwash myself, I wanna use all those billions of cells in my brain to think about it. I don’t want to think about anything or anyone except this, except blogging.

I can see it happening, I Can feel it. I wanna live it. I wanna die and sacrifice everything for it. I am not going to give up, nor till I die.

This isn’t the first time I am struggling hard and I am sure it won’t be last. I am a warrior, I am fighter, and I don’t love the idea off giving up, I wanna die in battlefield.

(This is just my personal log, I want to preserve this feeling in word for my future self, I hope it might inspire someone in future.)

Eat Right

February 22, 2017

Eat RightYou see, we are what we eat. Food makes each cells and tissues in our body, supports our organs and systems and gives us life.

Actually we are made up of food. When we were born, we were just few pounds but now we are more than hundred pounds, all those pounds of bones, muscles and bloods are made from the same food we have eaten and we are eating. Food is like raw material needed to build our body. Right kinds of food will leads to stronger bone and muscle and healthy blood and organs.

Food also acts as our fuel, that gives energy and strength, helps to fight against diseases.

On the other hand, in the absence of proper nutrients, our body use whatever is available to build the cells and tissues and to provide energy. It’s like replacing the part of car that should be metal with plastic, it might run for a while but very soon it will collapse. Similarly, organs and tissues made from wrong kind of nutrients and chemicals will not be able to function properly and causes various health disorders.

Similarly if we feed ourself with wrong kind of foods like Junk foods, processed foods, sugary, spicy foods which contains harmful chemicals, toxins and preservatives then our health will be in danger. Moreover most nutrients are lost and destroyed or get converted to toxins during artificial processing and handling of food. Wrong food leads to weakness, fatigue and ill health.

Hence for proper and well functioning of our body, we need healthy and nutritious foods.

Here are few tips for eating healthy food:

1. Eat lots of green vegetables and colourful fruits. They are rich in minerals and nutrients.

2. Avoid processed and sugary foods as much as you can. Moreover focus on organic fresh foods if possible.

3. Drink enough water instead of sugary drinks and beverages. Water is life, water makes about 2/3rd of our body.

4. Give priority to raw foods like carrots, radishes, fruits etc because foods lose their most nutrients after cooking.

5. Prepare plan ahead and try to eat as much homemade food as you can. By the way, we all are different, something which works for me may not work for you. So, be free to find out what works.

Next thing to notice is, we may not know what we are eating throughout the day due to our habitual activity, we may fail to notice small small things we are eating. It is good to note down everything we eat, this will give us good insights upon the things we eat.

Health is a choice, if we feed ourself with right kind of food, food that is rich in nutrients and food that is healthy, then we will be strong and healthy.

Reasons To Drink Water

February 22, 2017

Reasons To Drink Water2/3rd (about 60-65%) of our body is made up of water, it’s almost like we are made of water. This makes sense that we will collapse within few days, if we don’t drink water.

We lose lots of water through perspiration, urine and breathing. It supports 100s of processes inside the body.

Water is so wonderful thing but we don’t care about it just like we overlook benefits and beauty of Breathing.

There are many reasons to drink water. Some are:

1. Prevent Cancer: Drinking water reduces bladder cancer by about 50% and also reduces colon cancer. As water helps to flush out toxins and support smooth running of life processes and vital organs.

2. Dehydration makes you irritated and causes mood swings. Lack of water also causes fatigue. Water is good for beautiful, healthy and glowing skin.

3. Our joints contain cartilage and soft tissue, they needs water to be in good shape. It helps to reduce joint pains and problems. Prevents pains and cramps in body and promotes elasticity.

4. Water purifies our body and prevents kidney stone. It helps to get rid of harmful toxins and chemicals produced during metabolisms. It helps in digestion and movements of foods in body.

5. Water is calorie free. So unlike other drinks which contain harmful sugars and calories, water can even help you to lose weight and prevent various problems if it is used instead of other drinks.

Next question is, “How much should we drink?” Many of us are programmed with the thought drinking 8 glasses a day is optimum. But truth is different, you may need more or less water, it depends. Some may need more whereas some may need less. If you are living in very hot climate where you sweat a lot or if you are someone who exercise a lot then you will need more water. But if you live in cold place where you rarely sweat then you may need less water.

So, what should you do?

Always carry a bottle with water with you. This helps you to drink water often. Don’t wait for the thirst to force you to drink water, drink water just because you can. Water is life. Drink for life, drink it for good health.

My personal Bottle

I personally always keep a bottle with water right beside me. It works for me, when I feel bored or when I am thinking hard I drink water.