How to Deal With Naysayers

March 15, 2017

How to deal with naysayers: yesWe all have dream, dream to do something good, be someone good. And there are people with negative energy, who go with life with pessimism and spread this pessimism everywhere, to everyone. They are so much focused on now, that they don’t see the future. They always look down, so they only see thorn but not beautiful rose. They don’t see the same way you do.

Everyday we deal with naysayers who are pessimist or who don’t see our goals, our vision. This kind of people can discourage us from reaching our goal. They are jealous and afraid in someway that you will get better. They don’t want you to leave them. These people are uneasy with changes, they don’t want to be left behind or they hate the idea of being abandoned or being less than someone they know. They go with life aimlessly without planning and blame others for all the things that happen in their life. They are wandering in life with the mindset of loser, and wants you to have the same. They are ready to discourage you knowingly or unknowingly.

So, how to deal with them?

Well actually, I am not a social butterfly, I am an introvert guy, I spend most of time with myself. So, it’s easier for me to stay away from the negative influences, moreover I also spend most of my time with great leaders and experts through their books and videos. But anyway, here I like to share some ideas and tricks to deal with naysayers:

1. Don’t share your goals to negative people: When you share your goal to negative and pessimist people they will make you feel bad. They will say, “What’s wrong with being here, don’t be too materialistic or don’t dream too big, you can’t do it.” “You don’t have that or you don’t have this.” They will make fun of you and they will even blame you for changing,

2. Spend more time with positive people: We human are social animal. We can’t go on life alone, we need someone to give support. So, spend more time with positive people, the one who share same optimism and vision with life. This will lift you and also helps you to lift other. Follow the great leaders of the field you want to succeed.

3. Believe in yourself: No matter how hard you try to avoid Naysayers you are certainly going to encounter them once in a while. So, you have to be ready to defend your goal and vision. You don’t need to argue with them, there is no point in it but you got to believe in yourself, you need to have strong faith.

4. Keep Going: Don’t stop, keep going. No matter what happens, what’s the circumstance or reality is, keep pushing. This will increase your morale and confidence, and soon you will make it happen.

5. Be your own friend: Most people out there are doing what others are doing, they can’t live alone; they are just wandering with life, feeling negative about everything. If you want to achieve your dream then you have to be ready to be your own friend, spend more time with yourself, with your vision and be ready to learn & improve.

Remember, it’s not going to matter what they say or what they think; what really matter is what you say about yourself, what you think about yourself.

Simple Tips for Having Cold Bath

March 15, 2017

Tips for cold bath 1We all bath and we all need to. When we were small our parents used to give us bath whether we wanted to or not. But now we are big, no one is going to force us, well they can’t because we are now adult and we have our own rights to make decisions. They even can’t dictate how many times should we bathe or how should we do it unless we are directly affecting them.

But also we bath, because not having bath makes you look like stinky savage. Some do it daily whereas some feel hard even to bath in weekend.

Moreover bathing daily is a good thing, bathing gives new freshness and vibrancy. Everyday our skin sweats a lot and attracts lots of dirt. This gives bacteria and harmful germs to flourish, which ultimately affects our health and skin. Bathing washes them all and brings newness in body. Bathing helps to remain hygienic and even prevent communicable diseases.

I personally prefer to bath daily with cold water. As written above there are many benefits of bathing regularly but there are extra more benefits bathing daily with cold water, here I like to mention some extra benefits:

1. Health benefits: Bathing with water helps in blood circulation and increases brown fat which is good for health. Moreover bathing with cold water increases immunity and produces more white blood cells.

2. Cold bath is good for our skin and hair as it helps to preserve moisture whereas warm water dries our skin.

3. Increase in Willpower: Having a cold bath daily takes a lot of will power, many people can’t do it. But doing it daily can increase your willpower and resiliency. This increase in willpower starts to make positive effect in other area of life.

4. It even reduces depression and releases stress.

5. My Personal View: Currently I live in a place where warming the water comes with hassle and if you are bathing daily then it is worse. Moreover it’s actually easy to just fill the bucket with tap water and bath, it also saves energy and there are more benefits of cold bath. Bathing with cold water gives me independence, no matter wherever I go, I don’t have to worry about not having warm water to bath but if it is about having only warm water then it’s not a problem. I have also noticed myself being more productive and proactive, I have felt being less susceptible to cold. It has also made lots of positive affect in other aspects of my routine and my life.

My tips for having cold bath:

Tips for cold bath 2Well having a cold bath is a big deal esp. if you haven’t tried it or if you live in cold region or if you bath in cold morning. In past, I also used to feel the same, I had to wait for the sun to fully come-out inorder to take bath. But I created a technique to make cold bath more easier. Well I don’t know whether this is scientific method or not, but this has worked for me. I just try to be as slow (but not so slow, it takes 5-10 minutes for me to bath) as possible allowing the body to lose heat slowly and hence feeling less cold.

At first, I start from leg, I just paint it with water, then use soap and scrub. Then I do the same thing for hand and upper body respectively. Then I go for head. After that, I rinse the body by pouring water from tap, which don’t give me much shock, as my body has already loosen substantial amount of heat. It’s easy to bath like this, well easier than giving the body shock by directly pouring the cold water from top.

Moreover, create a routine. Our brain tries to automate things as much as possible, so if you create routine i.e. (Trigger-Desired Activity-Reward) then it will be easy. I have been bathing with cold water since last 7-8 months everyday. I clean my room and take bath. My brain is automated to bath after cleaning the room, cleaning the room acts like a trigger for me to bath. And reward is freshness and feeling of accomplishments that comes after bathing. And more regularly I do it, the more automatic and habitual it gets, hence becomes more easy.

Dealing with Death

March 15, 2017

Dealing with death-treeAmong 7 billion people, 1000s die everyday, 1000s more are struggling in their death bed. Death is something inevitable.

We all die, our loved ones or all the things we love or adore will come to the end, someday. But this thing, no matter how natural is it, we still feel sad, there is a melancholy associated with death. Part of the reason might be we hate to lose things, we want to keep it forever, we don’t want to let go.

In the teaching of Buddha, they say of having no attachment. Letting go of things and not caring about whatever happens, wherever things go. Well, we all can’t live like that. The whole world, the world of human civilization is built upon wanting to sustain life, to make things last little longer, to experience more, to reach more.

Dealing with death-laptopWe have created machines to make us more effective and efficient; so that we can do more, be more and to make more out of this life. We have created and developed technology and techniques to live longer, to sustain our health little bit longer.

But this thing called Death is still there. We never know when will we die, death is completely out of our control. We are made up of about 75 trillions nanobots which we call cells, all working together. Slight malfunction in one of them can lead to cancer and many other diseases. 1000s things can go wrong in our daily life, our heart can stop working right now. It’s a great thing that we have made it, we have survived till now.

But still the truth is; unless science is able to discover somekind of elixir to sustain life for forever, Death will be still there. People will continue to die, we will continue to hold the chance of dying, we will continue to lose our loved ones, things will continue to decay with time. So, how to deal with death: This made me to ponder upon it for a while. So, should we completely turn ourselves to religion or higher power and let go of things, completely surrender ourselves and let the life unfold, thinking everything is planned and we don’t have freewill. But this isn’t going to freeze the time in this moment, this isn’t going to reincarnate us nor will it take us to heaven: Even if it does, no one knows about it, no one is sure about it.

What troubles me is; the idea of not having free will. The idea that our death is fixed at the exact moment of our birth makes me sick. This same idea makes every sacrifice made by great people look irrelevant, this same idea makes every horrendous crime committed by one human to another human or animals look like the simple fact of life i.e. Strong Prey Upon Weak.

But there is also the problem with science. Science might tell the reason of your death is heart failure, cancer, you lost too much blood or it might explain death as just the fact of life; that everyday millions die and they are sorry that you became one of them. Well, this isn’t going to help much, this isn’t going to heal us faster. In this kind of case, Spirituality and Theology comes into the rescue. As a human, who tries to find meaning in everything in life or everything that happens to us, Spirituality or the idea presence of Divine Intelligence gives the value to our suffering, this gives meaning to our pain. But we also need science, we need science to understand things around us, we need it to put man in Moon, we need it to colonize Mars. But we need Spirituality to understand the Un-understandable, to see, feel and explain the things that can’t be explained or seen. We need it to raise and give hope and faith in the hopeless place.

This is what I love about Spirituality; the idea of giving hope in hopeless place, the idea that everything is governed by this divine intelligence or the universal mind you may call. The idea, life happens for us not to us. We can make things happen. The idea, that no matter how badly things happens to us or life happen to us, we can change our reality by just shifting our thinking, by just looking things differently. We are here to learn, we are here to grow, we are here to experience life, we are here to serve and lift the world with us and we are the piece of G-O-D. And our soul never dies, it just evolve from one form to another. I guess that what helps us to deal with death and even tries to define the meaning of life.

Things are going Rough and Tough

Saturday, March 11, 2017
It’s 2017/03/11, Well my deadline is coming, just 53 days remaining to make my dream into reality. I am feeling pressured and feel like I am going to lose everything, everything I have achieved and even everything I have hoped of achieving. I am feeling stressed. Well, I have already taken huge risk, I have left the mainstream science field, I have abandoned the idea of going to foreign country to study like many of my friends, moreover studied Bachelor in Arts, (which is actually going to lead me nowhere) so that I could buy myself more time to focus in my passion and this thing.

It actually begun last year after I finished my class 12 (2015), I was hopeful, I thought it wouldn’t be that hard, as this is the field I love. But things weren’t going as I was expecting, it wasn’t as I had hoped for. At the same time I had to run for making my house in Murgiya, it was really bad, those bureaucratic works and delay in governmental work hindered me to focus well on my work.

Moreover my brother (Mother’s Sister’s son) broke his arm. I had to stay there for about 1 month, OMG. During that time everything started to derail, I stopped exercising, my routine failed, I wasn’t able to making things done. After that I had to run for house, it was frustrating. My mom had forced me to do it, even I hadn’t wanted to do it, I felt so depressed and angry at life, I just wanted to die. But I did it, everyday I had to travel about 50 + 50 Km in Bus and walk about +2-3 Km. During that time, I started focusing on my breathing, I used to count my breathing till 100 and again return to 0, this helped me to keep going, this helped me to stop thinking about depressing thoughts. I had to do everything alone, previously I thought my (Suraj) brother will be my companion but he had broken his arm, so I had to make all those effort myself, except for some days when Grand Father used to come with me. For next 3-4 months my day went like this. For me this thing was meaningless, I wasn’t enthusiastic about it, it was just a waste of my time and energy. I was suffocating and suffering a lot, inorder to free myself and get little bit of relief I started to focus on my breathing. I was quarelling with mom in the phone, I wasn’t happy, I wished to die.

After that, came the exam of 1st year, I had to study for it. After giving exam I again started to focus on my Blog.

Slowly Slowly I again started to get back on track, I started exercising, autosuggesting, bathing and meditating. I made a goal to earn $1000 (well money isn’t an important thing but it’s something I need to be alive, to feed myself) per month in May 4th 2017. Well I chose this day because I had filled the US DV form for me and my mom, and it said the result will come in May 4th, it is my first time, so I am really hopeful. But I know, I can’t do anything about it. But guess it’s always good to have a backup plan.

During last 6-7 months I have made a tremendous progress in my morning ritual and routine, but I wasn’t making good progress in my Blogging area. But in last couple of weeks I am making lots of progress but still they aren’t adequate. I am working hard, my leg hurts because of continuous sitting in (partial) lotus position studying books and trying to write things, I believe if I make it a habit then I will be good at it, as it is also beneficial for my back and spine.

Moreover there is no net in home, I have to go to Butwal to my Brother’s house for publishing my post and articles. I have to use mobile data for using internet. So, if I make this post today then consider that it is being done using mobile data. Well, it’s actually a good thing, nowadays I haven’t been wasting my time by watching Youtube Video and mindlessly browsing Quora and web. But I don’t know, is it because there is not net in home or am I really starting to get more serious in my Goal.

Talking about achieving my dream, I haven’t lost hope but I feel melancholy inside me, like I am losing something, like everything will be lost if it don’t happen. I know I must keep going on, I can’t do anything but push harder, I can’t do anything but create new plan, look for new ways and try to give everything I have.

While writing this article, I remembered the story from Napolean Hill’s book Think and Grow Rich, titled something like “Three Feet From Gold”. A man invests heavily in gold mining equipment and goes to mine the Gold. He keeps on digging and keeps on going below. At some point, signs of Gold mine start to appear, but it gets lost. He tries hard to find it again, but couldn’t. He gives up his dream and sells all his equipment at the fraction of actual cost. The next man, who had bought the equipment, calls the mining expert (perhaps geologist) and asks him to examine the mine. The expert says it’s a natural phenomenon and the gold must be just below it. So, the man starts mining and after just 3 feet, he finds his treasures, he makes millions out of that mine by just digging 3 feet. Hence the first man who sold his dream and equipment learns the very good lesson, “Don’t give up and try everything you can.” Later, using that same lesson, that same man makes fortunes in his business.

I guess I have to do the same thing, go till the very end and try everything I can.

How to Wake Up Early?

March 03, 2017

How to wake up early alarm-clockI love to wake up in the morning. Waking up early makes me feel good. It gives me great sense of accomplishments and energy to do more. The Quote, “Early bird catches the worm.” still goes well.

There are many benefits of waking up early. Some are:

1. Peaceful and calm environment: Morning is the time of peace and calmness there is no much traffic and noises except some sounds of birds if you live in country like me. There is no much rush and hustle.

2. Getting things done: If you are someone who always wakes up late and have to hustle for the office or day to day works then you should give your thought to waking up early. Waking up early gives you more time to get things done easily.

3. Productive time: For most people morning is the most productive time of their day, they get more things done in the morning. As morning is the time of peace and tranquility. There are not much things to disturb you. Our mind will also be in good condition after having proper rests and sleep.

how to wake up early sunrise4. Observing the nature: Morning is the time in which nature is so much fresh and beautiful. As all the dusts and smogs gets settled down throughout the night and sky becomes clear, environment is cool and gentle. Plants gets washed and cleaned by water droplets. The beauty of rising sun, color of the sky when sun starts to rise up, it’s amazing.

5. Everything is managed: Waking up early gives me great opportunity to do things that is important in my life without being disturbed by other. Like exercising, meditating and bathing.



So, how to wake up early in the morning:

1. Sleep early: This is the most important one. We need sleep, our body needs sleep to get rejuvenated, maintained and balance things. If you don’t sleep early then you will certainly wake up late or it will be very very hard to wake up early. Moreover don’t cut back on your sleeping time to wake up early, this will cause more problems than good things. So, turn the light off and sleep early.

2. Put alarm little far away: Personally when I used to put my alarm (i.e my mobile) right beside me, I was highly likely to hit the snooze button or turn it off without getting out of bed. But since I have been putting my alarm little far away, so that I have to get out of bed and walk few steps, I am highly likely to wake up early. Moreover putting my mobile away from my bed (away from me) has allowed me to sleep early as I have nothing to do except to count my breathing or to visualize.

3. Put down caffeine and other drinks: Well I haven’t drank any coffee or tea since +4-5 years. Moreover I don’t drink anykind of drinks except water (not even milk because I am lactose intolerant). And I rarely drink (don’t want to as far as I can) soft drink. So I don’t know what it does to effect the quality of your sleep. But people says avoiding drinks and caffeine is good for quality of sleep.

4. Think about it: If you want to wake up at certain time then you should think about it the night before while sleeping. It helps to programme your mind sub-consciously to wake up in the morning.

5. Be Slow and keep trying: Well Waking-Up early isn’t a easy things for most of us, I know it’s hard. But if you keep on trying, you will make it.

6. Be regular: If you want it as a habit, then be regular. Do it everyday, don’t give yourself excuse in weekend or in holiday. Make it as a lifetime habit not somekind of occasional stuff. More you give continuity then more stronger and easier the habit gets.

How to wake up early 3 Personally my alarm blows off at 5 AM. I also take a day nap after lunch.


Having Faith in Life

March 3, 2017

Having faith in life sunsetThere is faith in everyone of us, there is faith that things will get better. Everything we do and everything we want to do is driven by faith. Faith of having or experiencing something good. We have faith in religion, faith in the GOD. That’s why we create mantra, worship god and go on doing good karma in life.

We sleep well because we have faith that our house will protect us, Police will keep us safe, we exchange our hardwork with a piece of paper because we have faith that government and banking system will keep on working. You are reading this article with a faith that it will somehow help you.

Whole world is running on faith, many people wake up everyday, work hard with the faith that everything will be right, future will be bright. Great visionary and leaders were all faithful, they believed in their vision. They didn’t allow limiting belief of themselves to defeat them, they didn’t allowed their surroundings to break them apart. Faith helped them to remain strong spiritually despite having been defeated physically. They knew people can take away everything from us, but they can’t take our faith and belief, they can’t take our will.

As muscle is needed for physical power similarly faith is needed for mental and spiritual power. Faith is like muscle of our brain that helps us to endure and push through hard times without giving up.

Faith is the support for our living, without faith there is no reason to live. We will die without faith. And even if we managed to live without faith things will go pretty awful, we will not have any kind of energy to move around. Faith gives us purpose in life. Faith helps to create focus and locus on the things we want to achieve. Faith helps whole humanity to move ahead in better world.

We always need to have faith in life, faith in something hopeful and beautiful, faith gives us energy and gives us drive to move ahead, faith gives us happiness and purpose in life. People have achieved great feat because they had faith in life, faith helped them to move ahead despite having 100s of failure, defeat and setbacks.

Having a strong faith is must if you want to achieve something in life, otherwise you can’t move ahead. Faith gives you reason to fight, gives you push to wake up in the morning and make effort.

Having Faith in Life boyFaith keeps our inner desire and fire alive. It helps to turn an idea into something big, very big. Faith allows us to see things long before it happens. It helps us to go in the future, see things and live in this moment.

Here are few tips for having faith:

1. Create a plan and goal: This will make your goal seems more feasible and achievable. Hence this will increase your faith in goal.

2. Visualize it as much as you can: Programme your mind with the idea of achieving your goal. Believe that you can actually do it.

3. Avoid Naysayers: There are people who try to underestimate you and discourage you. They are ready to mock and bring you down. Beware of them. Don’t share your goal with such people.

4. Look at someone who has already done it: In this world of 7 billion people, chance is there are many people who have already achieved the same goal you want to achieve. Take them as example that it can be done.

5. Work: If you work then you will make progress then you will start to believe in yourself. You will increase your faith that you can make it happen.

Remember, it doesn’t take any huge burden to have faith in your dream, to believe in it but it can make all the difference in your life.


Living In This Moment

March 3, 2017

sunset-1331088_1920Even though our physical self live in this moment, we are not here, we are constantly wandering in our memories and browsing through our endless fantasies about what might happen.

Many of us live in our past, those glory days, dark days and rest of other lives in the fantasies of mind, fantasies of future created inside our head.

In this process, we are missing this moment, this eternal presence. We have ear that hears not, eyes that sees not, we don’t care about all those things that is happening around us right now. We don’t enjoy the food we eat but just fantasize about the novelty of new and rare dish. We are giving ourself heart ache by thinking about the stuff that might not happen even in 1000s of life times. We are making ourself weak by thinking about those darkest days of life that are only in our memories. We are ignoring the Now.

Living in This moment busI don’t travel much but sometime when I do travel to new place, while gazing through the window of bus, it feels awesome. Part of the reason might be I was living in that moment. You see our ancestors when used to travel to new place, they had to be aware about everything, they had to be in that moment. The thing that looked like stick could be the venomous snake, next to the bush might be a tiger, hiding and tracking you, slight curve have to be noticed, slight movement have to be taken care of. And when they returned to their home place, where everything is mapped in their mind, their mind might have automated things inorder to be able to think about other things like food, water, shelter and other primary survival ideas and perhaps to save energy. I believe that part of that instinct still exist in our brain. That same instinct is making our new place more vibrant and beautiful. For that same reason, the place we live in, the place we are adapted to, which has been already mapped inside our head feels boring. Moreover we don’t live in the time where we have to worry about tiger or snakes, we don’t need to worry about next hunting and next river for satisfying our thirst. We take all those things as granted and self consume ourself diving in the past and future. And by doing that, we are just wasting our time and life. We are ignoring the beauty of NOW. Our brain is addicted to thinking too much.

We use drugs, we drink alcohol, we use sex just to be in this moment, just to stop thinking too much. We ignore our breathing, we take it as granted, we don’t even stop to breath in and breathe out the moment, to treasure this moment, this life. We don’t stop to feel our heart beat, we don’t treasure all those small things that is keeping us alive, that is happening right Now, in this moment.

living in this moment look aroundJust look around, everything you see, everything you touch and feel is made from the same things you are made of. Everything is reflecting their light and shinning. Hairs in your head, nails in your finger contains same cells sharing the same DNA with the rest of your body. Everything is just is, sun is where it should be, air is how it should be, water is wet as it should be. Everything and everyone is well connected just like the cells on top of your head is connected to cells in tip of your toe.

There is always something happening, everything is happening in this Moment in this Now.

I personally love to count and notice my breathing.

Small Habits To Follow

Sunday, February 26, 2017


(This single line represent single repetition of my Auto-suggestion (or Prayer). There are currently 126 days in this photo and can record upto 143 days.)

  • Auto-Suggest Daily: Since more than last 6 months or so, I have been regularly auto-suggesting. Currently I auto-suggest 3 times in the morning, just after waking up and three times in the evening, after my dinner.

In the beginning I used to do it for 100 times a day but thinking it was unsustainable and time consuming, I started to reduce it and reached this point.

So, what’s the benefit:

  1. Gives me the right mindset: Well, I can’t give you exact direct proof but I believe it has made tremendous effect on me unconsciously. In past I used to exercise and meditate but they were irregular, I used to do it for few months and leave it, again start after few months and again leave it after sometimes. But since last +6 months or so, I have been exercising, meditating and bathing with cold water daily. The only different thing this time is: I have been auto-suggesting daily. I believe I have been literally programming myself.
  2. Acts as Trigger: This is the first thing I do daily after waking up. It’s easy, I don’t feel resistance just repeat the same phrases, quotes, principles and goal everyday three times. I don’t even have to look at copy, I have memorized them. This prepares me for exercising. I exercise right after auto-suggesting. In the book Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg, he says habit contains Trigger-Routine-Reward. Auto-suggesting is the trigger for me to exercise. It’s so automatic. (Auto-Suggest) – (Exercise) – (Meditate) – (Clean the Room) – (Bath with Cold Water) – (Plan Ahead) – (Start Working)………………..It’s getting more and more automatic and becoming strong habit.


(Well, this one is little bit old, about 26 days old, currently I have replaced “Practice Typshala” with “Create a Video”. Moreover I write the same thing everyday, I am just trying to form a habit and it works. I have also created my own Youtube Channel and doing pretty

(I write the Part “Things I am grateful for” and “Things I can be in Future” only at night after auto-suggesting. )

  • Plan A Day Ahead: Just after bathing with cold water, I write these plans in my notebook everyday, I have been doing this thing since couple of months. It has given me better focus and differentiate between what is important and what is not. I believe it’s also programming and reinforcing myself myself to do what I want to do.
  • I believe in “Fake it Till you Make it.”

These are just some of my best of the best habit that can be followed within 5–10 minutes.

If you are interested more in my other habits I am trying to develop then you can go to my link: My Daily Routine: Part 1

This is just the part of my journaling and saving my life in words. I hope I inspired you.

Originally it was posted in Quora as “Simple things to follow which takes less than 5 minutes.”.

Struggling Through Dark Days

Sunday, February 26, 2017

It was about 1–2 years ago, I used to had depression and was very sad, I had very low confidence. And everything was wrong, I felt like suiciding, not living anymore. I was angry at everyone even at God.

What kept me going?

  1. My Mom : I am the only child and immediate family of her, she is divorced and I am the only one with whom she can rely on. During the hard time, I tried to live just for her. Since my birth, she has been struggling hard to keep me alive and give me better future, this helped me to avoid the Idea of Killing myself and abandoning her. (Well, I don’t know if there was any chance of my suicide, but it was really hard time, I was hopeless with life, depressed. Since I never tried of anything to hurt myself, I don’t if I would have ever suicided. But my Mom kept me going.) The Idea of only living for someone I love and care kept me going.
  2. I surrendered: I started to search for hope and meaning of life spirituality, I listened to Dr Wayne Dyer’s I can See clearly Now, read Eckart Tolle’s Power of Now. I started to turn toward spirituality. I Surrendered: Amazing Synchronicity Let Go. Let God.
  3. I just Breathe: I started counting my breaths inorder to avoid unnecessary thinking. I used to count till 100 and again begin from 0. After reading Power of Now and various things I realized Breathing is Everything.
  4. I Kept Dreaming: I always dreamed big, I always tried to remain hopeful no matter how hard the thing was. I always thought that good things can happen in life if only I worked hard and struggle more.

Currently, I am good. I have life purpose, I have a Goal to live and strive for.

Since Past +6 months I have been regularly Exercising, Meditating and Bathing with Cold water. I guess this is releasing hormones and good chemicals in my body to make me feel good and avoid depression. This has made me hopeful and stronger mentally and physically.

You can read them here:

Exercise Ritual: 1

Cold Bath Ritual: 1

Daily Routine: Part 1

I hope it inspired you.

Originally it was posted in: Quora

Exercise Ritual: 1

Friday, February 24, 2017
Although, I had slept yesterday at around 12 AM (I was unable to sleep because I slept during the day for 2-3 hours), moreover I was sharing my work to my friends over messenger and I was so excited about it. But anyway, I woked up at 5 AM with the alarm.

Even though, I didn’t felt like waking up, I woked up. I finished Auto-Suggesting at 5:15 AM.

Here goes a Quote, “Self-discipline is the ability to make yourself do what you should do, when you should do it, whether you feel like it or not.” –Elbert Hubbard.

(While exercising, I listen to Motivational video, I play it in background in my laptop.)

I started doing Diamond Push Up at 5:15 Am.

After that I did Abs Crunch at 5:32 AM. I do it 50*3 REPS i.e 150 REPS. I don’t know it’s exact name and what exactly it does to body. But it act as Buffer between my two Diamond Pushups.

Next Push Up at 5:40 AM. 50 REPS.

Heel Raise at 5:41 AM. 50*3 REPS, total of 150 REPS.

Last Push Up at 5:43 AM. 50 REPS.

Chair Dips at 5:44 AM. 50*3 REPS, total of 150 REPS.

(Seen those stacks of copies and pencils, it’s not mine. Mom is going to donate those copies, pencils, pens and volleyball to the student of Government School. 52 more bags are remaining to be bought.)

First Sit Up at 5:53 AM. 50 REPS. Well, currently I am not doing full sit ups, I am just doing partial, enough to create pressure in my stomach. You know it’s hard, really hard to do 50*3 Perfect Sit Ups, so for now I am sticking to easier sit-up form (Partial One) and will increase the intensity with time.

First Dumbell Lift at 6:02 AM. 50 REPS.

(I used this weight and Dictionary as a stand for my Iphone to take picture.)

I use this as Dumbell because I am not eating any diet, just Dal Bhat (Rice, lentil and vegetables) twice a day and 3-4 Roti (Bread) between them. Moreover I want to be slow and take my time to make this exercising habit strong and super automatic. I also don’t earn money and I don’t want to give my mother extra stress by spending on everything I love to. So, I will just wait till I make my own money before I buy my own personal set of Dumbells.

I have been making use of what has been locally available to me since my early days, about 7-8 years ago I used to use single brick. After 1-2 years, I used two bricks, I bore hole in the middle of Bricks and connected them by Rod. It took me 2-3 weeks of continuous effort to bore the hole. I used to work before and after the school with hammer and a blunt rod, I had to be slow and soft otherwise the brick will break.

Second Sit Up at 6:04 AM. 50 REPS.

Second Dumbell Lift at 6:06. 50 REPs.

Third Sit Up at 6:08. 50 REPS.

Third Dumbell Lift at 6:09 AM. 50 REPS.

Other than just exercising I also started doing few Yoga and stretch. About 2-3 months ago, I used to had lower back pain, I thought it was due to cold bath. But I wasn’t in the idea of giving up bath due to Back Pain, I thought of dying in the battle field. Later, I searched over internet for remedy, then I found these three over the Youtube. It has worked well. Since I started doing all these three in same time, so I don’t know which one has worked. I think I will stick to all these three as for now.

Flat back bent at 6:12 AM. I don’t know what is it called. 3 REPS.

(Back Exercise) Camel and Cat at 6:19 AM. 3 REPS.
Yoga at 6:23 AM. 3 REPS. I don’t exactly know it’s name.

Body bent at 6:36 AM. I touch my toe with hand without bending my knee. 3 REPS.
(Well, even though I have written “Running” in my Daily Routine I don’t do it because I don’t want to hurry, I want to make slow and stable progress. I am just 20 years old and I have enough time ahead, so I will just wait and make this current routine more strong and better before jumping into something little bit hard. I will just wait and be mentally prepared for running.)

Well, I am not becoming muscular by doing these thing, I am hardgainer, I have skinny genes. So it will be very very hard for me to gain healthy muscular weight. But I am happy about it, I am becoming healthy and strong. It’s good to exercise, there are 1000s of benefits of exercising from ageing slowly, increase in immunity, better emotional health to becoming energetic and active.

By the way it generally takes me less than 25 minutes to exercise but today it took me about 85 minutes, since I was also capturing my photos.

It’s been more than 6 months, it feel awesome and automatic. It has become a habit. I don’t think I have missed a single day. In the beginning I started from small step but over time made tremendous progress. Beginning days were hard and badest.

Well, it’s not that, I started exercising in just last 6 months, I first did my Push Up when I was in class 6 about 8-9 years ago, I first meditated about 4-5 years ago when I was in class 9. But I wasn’t regular, I used to do it for few months and leave it, and again start after couple of weeks or months, and again leave it. I wasn’t regular. But since last 6 months I have been so-so regular. So, you may not achieve the same thing as I did, in just 6 months, it might take years or more, but just keep doing and keep going. As long as you keep going, you will make it someday.

After exercising, I did Meditation from 6:38 AM to 7:03 AM. I meditate by sitting in the same chair I used for Dip because sitting in lotus position gives me tingling in my legs, it hurts and my legs sleeps. I count my breathe till 500 times.

Then I Cleaned my room by watching Brian Tracy Seminar in Youtube from 7:03 AM to 7:54 AM.

Then Bathed at 7:54 AM.

If everything goes right then I will generally finish my whole routine in less than 2 hours.

I hope it inspired you. Moreover I am just recording my daily life for my future self to learn about my past, it’s just part of my journaling. This is just a Personal Blog.