How to Deal With Naysayers

March 15, 2017

How to deal with naysayers: yesWe all have dream, dream to do something good, be someone good. And there are people with negative energy, who go with life with pessimism and spread this pessimism everywhere, to everyone. They are so much focused on now, that they don’t see the future. They always look down, so they only see thorn but not beautiful rose. They don’t see the same way you do.

Everyday we deal with naysayers who are pessimist or who don’t see our goals, our vision. This kind of people can discourage us from reaching our goal. They are jealous and afraid in someway that you will get better. They don’t want you to leave them. These people are uneasy with changes, they don’t want to be left behind or they hate the idea of being abandoned or being less than someone they know. They go with life aimlessly without planning and blame others for all the things that happen in their life. They are wandering in life with the mindset of loser, and wants you to have the same. They are ready to discourage you knowingly or unknowingly.

So, how to deal with them?

Well actually, I am not a social butterfly, I am an introvert guy, I spend most of time with myself. So, it’s easier for me to stay away from the negative influences, moreover I also spend most of my time with great leaders and experts through their books and videos. But anyway, here I like to share some ideas and tricks to deal with naysayers:

1. Don’t share your goals to negative people: When you share your goal to negative and pessimist people they will make you feel bad. They will say, “What’s wrong with being here, don’t be too materialistic or don’t dream too big, you can’t do it.” “You don’t have that or you don’t have this.” They will make fun of you and they will even blame you for changing,

2. Spend more time with positive people: We human are social animal. We can’t go on life alone, we need someone to give support. So, spend more time with positive people, the one who share same optimism and vision with life. This will lift you and also helps you to lift other. Follow the great leaders of the field you want to succeed.

3. Believe in yourself: No matter how hard you try to avoid Naysayers you are certainly going to encounter them once in a while. So, you have to be ready to defend your goal and vision. You don’t need to argue with them, there is no point in it but you got to believe in yourself, you need to have strong faith.

4. Keep Going: Don’t stop, keep going. No matter what happens, what’s the circumstance or reality is, keep pushing. This will increase your morale and confidence, and soon you will make it happen.

5. Be your own friend: Most people out there are doing what others are doing, they can’t live alone; they are just wandering with life, feeling negative about everything. If you want to achieve your dream then you have to be ready to be your own friend, spend more time with yourself, with your vision and be ready to learn & improve.

Remember, it’s not going to matter what they say or what they think; what really matter is what you say about yourself, what you think about yourself.

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