Dealing with Death

March 15, 2017

Dealing with death-treeAmong 7 billion people, 1000s die everyday, 1000s more are struggling in their death bed. Death is something inevitable.

We all die, our loved ones or all the things we love or adore will come to the end, someday. But this thing, no matter how natural is it, we still feel sad, there is a melancholy associated with death. Part of the reason might be we hate to lose things, we want to keep it forever, we don’t want to let go.

In the teaching of Buddha, they say of having no attachment. Letting go of things and not caring about whatever happens, wherever things go. Well, we all can’t live like that. The whole world, the world of human civilization is built upon wanting to sustain life, to make things last little longer, to experience more, to reach more.

Dealing with death-laptopWe have created machines to make us more effective and efficient; so that we can do more, be more and to make more out of this life. We have created and developed technology and techniques to live longer, to sustain our health little bit longer.

But this thing called Death is still there. We never know when will we die, death is completely out of our control. We are made up of about 75 trillions nanobots which we call cells, all working together. Slight malfunction in one of them can lead to cancer and many other diseases. 1000s things can go wrong in our daily life, our heart can stop working right now. It’s a great thing that we have made it, we have survived till now.

But still the truth is; unless science is able to discover somekind of elixir to sustain life for forever, Death will be still there. People will continue to die, we will continue to hold the chance of dying, we will continue to lose our loved ones, things will continue to decay with time. So, how to deal with death: This made me to ponder upon it for a while. So, should we completely turn ourselves to religion or higher power and let go of things, completely surrender ourselves and let the life unfold, thinking everything is planned and we don’t have freewill. But this isn’t going to freeze the time in this moment, this isn’t going to reincarnate us nor will it take us to heaven: Even if it does, no one knows about it, no one is sure about it.

What troubles me is; the idea of not having free will. The idea that our death is fixed at the exact moment of our birth makes me sick. This same idea makes every sacrifice made by great people look irrelevant, this same idea makes every horrendous crime committed by one human to another human or animals look like the simple fact of life i.e. Strong Prey Upon Weak.

But there is also the problem with science. Science might tell the reason of your death is heart failure, cancer, you lost too much blood or it might explain death as just the fact of life; that everyday millions die and they are sorry that you became one of them. Well, this isn’t going to help much, this isn’t going to heal us faster. In this kind of case, Spirituality and Theology comes into the rescue. As a human, who tries to find meaning in everything in life or everything that happens to us, Spirituality or the idea presence of Divine Intelligence gives the value to our suffering, this gives meaning to our pain. But we also need science, we need science to understand things around us, we need it to put man in Moon, we need it to colonize Mars. But we need Spirituality to understand the Un-understandable, to see, feel and explain the things that can’t be explained or seen. We need it to raise and give hope and faith in the hopeless place.

This is what I love about Spirituality; the idea of giving hope in hopeless place, the idea that everything is governed by this divine intelligence or the universal mind you may call. The idea, life happens for us not to us. We can make things happen. The idea, that no matter how badly things happens to us or life happen to us, we can change our reality by just shifting our thinking, by just looking things differently. We are here to learn, we are here to grow, we are here to experience life, we are here to serve and lift the world with us and we are the piece of G-O-D. And our soul never dies, it just evolve from one form to another. I guess that what helps us to deal with death and even tries to define the meaning of life.

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