Living In This Moment

March 3, 2017

sunset-1331088_1920Even though our physical self live in this moment, we are not here, we are constantly wandering in our memories and browsing through our endless fantasies about what might happen.

Many of us live in our past, those glory days, dark days and rest of other lives in the fantasies of mind, fantasies of future created inside our head.

In this process, we are missing this moment, this eternal presence. We have ear that hears not, eyes that sees not, we don’t care about all those things that is happening around us right now. We don’t enjoy the food we eat but just fantasize about the novelty of new and rare dish. We are giving ourself heart ache by thinking about the stuff that might not happen even in 1000s of life times. We are making ourself weak by thinking about those darkest days of life that are only in our memories. We are ignoring the Now.

Living in This moment busI don’t travel much but sometime when I do travel to new place, while gazing through the window of bus, it feels awesome. Part of the reason might be I was living in that moment. You see our ancestors when used to travel to new place, they had to be aware about everything, they had to be in that moment. The thing that looked like stick could be the venomous snake, next to the bush might be a tiger, hiding and tracking you, slight curve have to be noticed, slight movement have to be taken care of. And when they returned to their home place, where everything is mapped in their mind, their mind might have automated things inorder to be able to think about other things like food, water, shelter and other primary survival ideas and perhaps to save energy. I believe that part of that instinct still exist in our brain. That same instinct is making our new place more vibrant and beautiful. For that same reason, the place we live in, the place we are adapted to, which has been already mapped inside our head feels boring. Moreover we don’t live in the time where we have to worry about tiger or snakes, we don’t need to worry about next hunting and next river for satisfying our thirst. We take all those things as granted and self consume ourself diving in the past and future. And by doing that, we are just wasting our time and life. We are ignoring the beauty of NOW. Our brain is addicted to thinking too much.

We use drugs, we drink alcohol, we use sex just to be in this moment, just to stop thinking too much. We ignore our breathing, we take it as granted, we don’t even stop to breath in and breathe out the moment, to treasure this moment, this life. We don’t stop to feel our heart beat, we don’t treasure all those small things that is keeping us alive, that is happening right Now, in this moment.

living in this moment look aroundJust look around, everything you see, everything you touch and feel is made from the same things you are made of. Everything is reflecting their light and shinning. Hairs in your head, nails in your finger contains same cells sharing the same DNA with the rest of your body. Everything is just is, sun is where it should be, air is how it should be, water is wet as it should be. Everything and everyone is well connected just like the cells on top of your head is connected to cells in tip of your toe.

There is always something happening, everything is happening in this Moment in this Now.

I personally love to count and notice my breathing.

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