Having Faith in Life

March 3, 2017

Having faith in life sunsetThere is faith in everyone of us, there is faith that things will get better. Everything we do and everything we want to do is driven by faith. Faith of having or experiencing something good. We have faith in religion, faith in the GOD. That’s why we create mantra, worship god and go on doing good karma in life.

We sleep well because we have faith that our house will protect us, Police will keep us safe, we exchange our hardwork with a piece of paper because we have faith that government and banking system will keep on working. You are reading this article with a faith that it will somehow help you.

Whole world is running on faith, many people wake up everyday, work hard with the faith that everything will be right, future will be bright. Great visionary and leaders were all faithful, they believed in their vision. They didn’t allow limiting belief of themselves to defeat them, they didn’t allowed their surroundings to break them apart. Faith helped them to remain strong spiritually despite having been defeated physically. They knew people can take away everything from us, but they can’t take our faith and belief, they can’t take our will.

As muscle is needed for physical power similarly faith is needed for mental and spiritual power. Faith is like muscle of our brain that helps us to endure and push through hard times without giving up.

Faith is the support for our living, without faith there is no reason to live. We will die without faith. And even if we managed to live without faith things will go pretty awful, we will not have any kind of energy to move around. Faith gives us purpose in life. Faith helps to create focus and locus on the things we want to achieve. Faith helps whole humanity to move ahead in better world.

We always need to have faith in life, faith in something hopeful and beautiful, faith gives us energy and gives us drive to move ahead, faith gives us happiness and purpose in life. People have achieved great feat because they had faith in life, faith helped them to move ahead despite having 100s of failure, defeat and setbacks.

Having a strong faith is must if you want to achieve something in life, otherwise you can’t move ahead. Faith gives you reason to fight, gives you push to wake up in the morning and make effort.

Having Faith in Life boyFaith keeps our inner desire and fire alive. It helps to turn an idea into something big, very big. Faith allows us to see things long before it happens. It helps us to go in the future, see things and live in this moment.

Here are few tips for having faith:

1. Create a plan and goal: This will make your goal seems more feasible and achievable. Hence this will increase your faith in goal.

2. Visualize it as much as you can: Programme your mind with the idea of achieving your goal. Believe that you can actually do it.

3. Avoid Naysayers: There are people who try to underestimate you and discourage you. They are ready to mock and bring you down. Beware of them. Don’t share your goal with such people.

4. Look at someone who has already done it: In this world of 7 billion people, chance is there are many people who have already achieved the same goal you want to achieve. Take them as example that it can be done.

5. Work: If you work then you will make progress then you will start to believe in yourself. You will increase your faith that you can make it happen.

Remember, it doesn’t take any huge burden to have faith in your dream, to believe in it but it can make all the difference in your life.


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