Reasons To Drink Water

February 22, 2017

Reasons To Drink Water2/3rd (about 60-65%) of our body is made up of water, it’s almost like we are made of water. This makes sense that we will collapse within few days, if we don’t drink water.

We lose lots of water through perspiration, urine and breathing. It supports 100s of processes inside the body.

Water is so wonderful thing but we don’t care about it just like we overlook benefits and beauty of Breathing.

There are many reasons to drink water. Some are:

1. Prevent Cancer: Drinking water reduces bladder cancer by about 50% and also reduces colon cancer. As water helps to flush out toxins and support smooth running of life processes and vital organs.

2. Dehydration makes you irritated and causes mood swings. Lack of water also causes fatigue. Water is good for beautiful, healthy and glowing skin.

3. Our joints contain cartilage and soft tissue, they needs water to be in good shape. It helps to reduce joint pains and problems. Prevents pains and cramps in body and promotes elasticity.

4. Water purifies our body and prevents kidney stone. It helps to get rid of harmful toxins and chemicals produced during metabolisms. It helps in digestion and movements of foods in body.

5. Water is calorie free. So unlike other drinks which contain harmful sugars and calories, water can even help you to lose weight and prevent various problems if it is used instead of other drinks.

Next question is, “How much should we drink?” Many of us are programmed with the thought drinking 8 glasses a day is optimum. But truth is different, you may need more or less water, it depends. Some may need more whereas some may need less. If you are living in very hot climate where you sweat a lot or if you are someone who exercise a lot then you will need more water. But if you live in cold place where you rarely sweat then you may need less water.

So, what should you do?

Always carry a bottle with water with you. This helps you to drink water often. Don’t wait for the thirst to force you to drink water, drink water just because you can. Water is life. Drink for life, drink it for good health.

My personal Bottle

I personally always keep a bottle with water right beside me. It works for me, when I feel bored or when I am thinking hard I drink water.

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