Eat Right

February 22, 2017

Eat RightYou see, we are what we eat. Food makes each cells and tissues in our body, supports our organs and systems and gives us life.

Actually we are made up of food. When we were born, we were just few pounds but now we are more than hundred pounds, all those pounds of bones, muscles and bloods are made from the same food we have eaten and we are eating. Food is like raw material needed to build our body. Right kinds of food will leads to stronger bone and muscle and healthy blood and organs.

Food also acts as our fuel, that gives energy and strength, helps to fight against diseases.

On the other hand, in the absence of proper nutrients, our body use whatever is available to build the cells and tissues and to provide energy. It’s like replacing the part of car that should be metal with plastic, it might run for a while but very soon it will collapse. Similarly, organs and tissues made from wrong kind of nutrients and chemicals will not be able to function properly and causes various health disorders.

Similarly if we feed ourself with wrong kind of foods like Junk foods, processed foods, sugary, spicy foods which contains harmful chemicals, toxins and preservatives then our health will be in danger. Moreover most nutrients are lost and destroyed or get converted to toxins during artificial processing and handling of food. Wrong food leads to weakness, fatigue and ill health.

Hence for proper and well functioning of our body, we need healthy and nutritious foods.

Here are few tips for eating healthy food:

1. Eat lots of green vegetables and colourful fruits. They are rich in minerals and nutrients.

2. Avoid processed and sugary foods as much as you can. Moreover focus on organic fresh foods if possible.

3. Drink enough water instead of sugary drinks and beverages. Water is life, water makes about 2/3rd of our body.

4. Give priority to raw foods like carrots, radishes, fruits etc because foods lose their most nutrients after cooking.

5. Prepare plan ahead and try to eat as much homemade food as you can. By the way, we all are different, something which works for me may not work for you. So, be free to find out what works.

Next thing to notice is, we may not know what we are eating throughout the day due to our habitual activity, we may fail to notice small small things we are eating. It is good to note down everything we eat, this will give us good insights upon the things we eat.

Health is a choice, if we feed ourself with right kind of food, food that is rich in nutrients and food that is healthy, then we will be strong and healthy.

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