Start Meditating

January 24, 2017

Start MeditatingToday we live in this wonderful time, we can communicate with any person in the world within seconds, we can travel to any corner of the world within a day. World has become so small, that’s why it’s called a Global Village. Hence, if anything happens in one corner of the world we get affected emotionally or physically. You see if something violent happens in different corner of the world, it might not affect us physically but chances are it can affect us emotionally. Our daily life is filled with stress and chaos. Not only we have got more productive with the boom of technology but our life has also got more tough and hard. We are expected to do more, be more and achieve more. Those attention seeking medias and internet apps are bombarding us with stressing stuffs and expectations.
These stress and chaos has ruined our sense of calmness, tranquility and sense of satisfaction with life. We are continuously thinking too much, our life has got hyperactive. More and more people are depressed nowadays and more are suffering from stress related diseases and insomnia.
In this age of turmoils and chaos, meditation can come in handy. It’s benefits are well illustrated over scientific journals and research papers.

Some benefits of meditation are:

1. Meditation helps to clear our mind. It can reduce troubling anxiety and reduces pain significantly. Meditation boosts optimism and reduces negativity.

2. Meditation boosts concentration and reduces age related decline of brain. It gives better memory and increases your creativity and productivity.

3. Meditation boosts compassion and your emotional health. Hence, more joy and happiness in life.

4. Meditation helps in kicking out addiction. You will be able to sleep better. It helps to become self aware, you will start to notice your feelings, urges and emotions.

5. It lowers blood pressure and various other health and mental problems. Meditation also boosts immune system and promotes long life, in average they live longer than their non meditating counterparts.

Good news is, you don’t need to be people like sages, monks or somekind of religious figure to meditate and reap the benefit of meditation. Well, I don’t like to confuse you with various types and ways of meditation. I will just suggest (or recommend) you to meditate. Meditating is easy, the main thing to do is focusing on your breathing and being aware. For beginner like you, you can start by focusing on your breathing and counting it. You can sit or stand in the way you like but you got to have your back and head straight.
Don’t try to be a perfectionist, be slow and take your time. You don’t need to meditate for hour in your first attempt. Just few minutes a day can work pretty well. Overtime you can increase your time.

I recommend you to form a habit, if you are serious about meditating. For this, you can read my article Tips to Easily Form New Habit.

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