Start Exercising

January 16, 2017

For 1000s of years we lived the simple life, we hunted animals, we ate whatever was available in the nature and our daily life was full of physical challenge. We used to move, eat, sleep and once in a while mate if possible. Then suddenly Industrial Revolution popped up, it created the rise of machines, machines started to replace human in every aspect. Our life became more and more easier and productive.
This trend has continued till today, in the last 20 years or so we made a huge leap to make our life easier and comfortable. We created Internet and Smart devices, they are present in every aspects of modern life. They have become like one of our limbs, we can’t imagine our life without them. Today they takes care of our almost every needs, we don’t have to wander for miles to get our hand on food, we just need to do little touch in screen and food is delivered to our door, moreover they are more nutritious. Travelling isn’t a big deal, we can travel more in a single day than our ancestors used to in their entire life time but without any great effort.
We have changed the face of earth by building sky scrapers, bridges, walls, artificial islands. Today we are more busy at watching Videos, playing video games, checking out internet instead of doing muscular works like our ancestors used to do. By the way, we don’t have to those things.
Our lifestyle has changed drastically, we hardly have to move our body. Our job is more focused on mental work rather than physical work. Actually we weren’t supposed to live like this. That’s why we are suffering a lot with obesity, heart diseases, cancers etc. We are decaying and becoming weaker. Our body is made to move but we aren’t moving.

Why Exercise?

Here are some few points that shows how important is exercising:
1. Exercising promotes muscle growth and makes you muscular and strong. Hence it prevents fractures, injuries and promotes mobility. More muscle also burns more energy and helps you to lose weight.

2. Exercise facilitates the development of our brain and it’s capacity.

3. After age 40 we start to lose 10% of muscle and bone density every decade due to hormonal change and ageing. Whereas women loses bone density by 2% every year during or after menopause, leading to loss of 30% bone density by the age of 60. Exercise reduces majority of those staggering losses from happening and also tones our body. Hence, you can reduce 70% of ageing and make yourself look younger.

4. Someone who smokes and exercises tends to live longer than someone who neither smoke nor exercise. Research shows, Smokers who tends to exercise regularly is less likely to develop lung cancer than who smokes and live sedentary life. Well smoking isn’t good but you see, exercise literally changes the gene expression in cells, tissues and throughout the body. Hence, it improves the immunity and better functioning of body. We can prevent around 50% of all major illness and health problems like heart attacks, strokes, cancers, Alzheimer, arthritis, diabetes etc.

5. Exercise improves moods and reduces stress and depression. It helps in decision making, boosts optimism and energy throughout the day. It makes you feel good about yourselves and it’s awesome.

I am sure, this isn’t your first article about exercising or your first desire to exercise. Even though having great desire to exercise we fail to do so.
By the way it’s not our biological nature to exercise and spend those precious calories. Back in the days when we used to live in the jungle food used to be scarce, so our motivation system rewards the high calorie foods and discourage the energy consuming tasks unless it’s about survival like running away from predators or mating.
But even though we don’t have to worry about those foods and predators, our system is still the same. So, we still love the foods rich in Calories and hate doing works which drains our energy. That’s why today we don’t die due to lack of food but due to too much of food.
Good news is, we can change our mental and genetic conditioning. We can create habits that can help us to go against our instincts and natural drives.
Well right now, I don’t want you to get confused by various tips and techniques. I just suggest you to start and keep going. No matter how small.

For creating New Habit read Tips to Easily Form New Habit.

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