2015 December 30

MinimalismImagine a life, life with less stuff; only those stuff which you truly need, stuff that brings more value to your life, life with less commitments and responsibilities; only those commitments and responsibilities which you love to fulfill, which gives you joy, life with less clothes; only those clothes you need and wear, clothes that makes you feel good. What I am talking about is a simple life (a minimalist life), a life with less; less stress, less distractions but with more joy and meaning. A life filled with only those things you love, a life with more contribution, more space to breathe.

Why Minimalism?

We all know we can’t increase our time, we can’t make 25 or 30 hours in a day, it’s limited. That’s why, we can’t do everything neither we can own everything. But out of millions of things, millions of people, millions of opportunities we can choose few things, few people, few opportunities that brings most value and joy to our life. And this is where minimalism comes into play, minimalism is the act of focusing our time and energy on those few things, activities and those few people who brings most value and joy to our life, who helps in our growth; personal and spiritual.

Why Own Less?

It’s always good idea to own as much less as you can. Because more you own
More space you need. And more space means you have to own bigger house.
More time you need to maintain and clean them (and perhaps to show off them).
More money is spent to buy it. To make more money you need to spend more time in work.
Well, you can increase the size of your house, size of your salary but you can’t increase the size of your time it’s limited, always been, always will be.

It’s Simple.

It’s no doubt living a simple life sounds good idea. But you may say this isn’t for me; I got a family, a good paying job, responsibilities, good status in society etc. By the way, you don’t have to quit your job, family needs, responsibility to live a simple life. It’s true that over the internet there are bloggers and people boasting about how less they own, how they have quit their job, some even try to describe rules for minimalist life like you can’t own car, a house, you can’t own more than X (x=number) things in life. Well it may have worked for them but that may not work for you, we all have different sets of needs and priorities. Minimalism is not a goal, it’s a journey, there are no any specific rules. Minimalism was meant to make our life more meaningful, more simple not hard and confusing.

Path to Minimalism:

I don’t know what other people will say, but if you are fade up with materialistic life, want to find meaning and happiness in simpler life, in less, then you are a minimalist. This is what I believe.
Some tips for minimalism:
Get rid of all the things you don’t use by donating or disposing:
Try to own as much less things as you can: Buy the things that you really need, that brings more value. And don’t forget to simplify, simplify and simplify.
Focus on quality over quantity:
Focus on important things: Rather than watching mindless shows over internet or TV or doing something meaningless, do something meaningful, something you love, something you will be proud of later in life.
Avoid advertisements: Industrialists and corporations knows a lot about human psychology, they use this knowledge to fool our mind, they create unnecessary desires to own more, to buy more, to keep up with the latest market trends. Have you ever wondered why you wanted that brand new car or gadget even though the car or gadget you currently own, works very fine. It’s all because of advertisement. But in this digital world it’s hard to completely remove the advertisement but we can reduce our exposure to it.

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