Beat Your Addiction

October 16, 2015

This article is the summary of various posts I have written, to read in detail, click ‘Read More’ at the end of each paragraph.

Introduction to Addiction:

Beat Your AddictionWikipedia says “Addiction is a state characterized by compulsive engagement in rewarding stimuli, despite adverse consequences.” You may not actually like to call yourself an addict or feel like addict, but still you are concerned about your habits or compulsion which is leading you to wrong path, despite your best efforts to avoid it. Well, life is a journey and in this journey you might have fallen into traps of some bad habits knowingly or unknowingly. But it’s not the end of the world. There is always hope, no matter how bad situation you are in. There is a bright light waiting for you just a little bit away from here. Read More..

The Real Cause of Addiction:

Real Casuse of Addiction IWe all know or have read at some point that things like peer pressure, social environments, curiosity, lack of awareness, genetic makeup, duration and repetition in use of substances etc are the cause of addiction. But have you ever noticed that everyone who drinks alcohol, watches TV, gambles etc don’t turn into alcoholic, TV addict or compulsive gambler like some few. To understand this scientists did various experiments and found very strong relation between stress and addiction. Stress depletes one’s will power and hence affects one’s ability to make decision. Read More..

Mechanism of Addiction:

NeuronThere is a pleasure center in our brain that rewards the activities that helps in our survival like eating, having sex, socializing, discovering etc. But the addicting activity fools our mind, hijacks our pleasure center and hence gives sense of pleasure. The pleasure provided by addicting activity is generally much larger than the pleasure provided by normal activities like eating, socializing, playing, working etc. So, addicting activity becomes more appealing and that’s why addict prioritizes addicting activity compared to other normal activity even ignoring various responsibilities. Read More..

The Trap of Addiction:

It’s true that you don’t get addicted by drinking your first sip of alcohol or smoking first cigarette but it can be starting point of other 1000s sip of alcohol you drink or cigarettes you smoke later in your life. Addiction don’t happens overnight. Rather it’s a continuous process, in the beginning it lures you, it acts as best friend who will never harm you. Slowly day by day it makes you crippled and dependent without even knowing it. It alters how you think and how your body functions. Read More..

Formation of Addictive Habit:

Love SmokingOvertime with the continuous indulgence, getting involved in addicting activity becomes habit. You move like zombie to pursue your addiction. You drink your first sip of alcohol or smoke first cigarette of a day without even realizing it. Involving in addiction becomes the first thing you need to do before starting the day or last thing to do before sleeping. Getting involved in addiction becomes the ultimate key whether to get rid of stress or to celebrate happiness. Read More..

Expecting the High From Addiction:

Why are you reading this? You are reading this because you are expecting that these articles might help you to understand addiction. Our whole life revolves around expectation. Expectation motivates us to do the things we do, whether it’s buying chocolate or exercising, working hard or studying for exam. Similarly expectation of high or freedom from stress motivates addict to pursue his addicting behavior. He expects getting involved in addiction is going to calm him down or helps him to focus or work hard. Read More..

Solution to Addiction Part I:

GamblingSummary of this articles are:

1. No matter whatever your mind might say, addiction does no good to anyone and getting rid of it is only the answer.

2. Avoid the things or situations that might trigger the craving like seeing other smoking or drinking alcohol, visiting pub, getting together with addicted friend etc.

3. Debunk each and every false expectation that your emotional mind might produce to support the addiction. Read More..

Solution to Addiction Part II:

This article consists of tips that help in long term success. Summary of this articles are:

1. Fix the root cause. Learn the healthy way to fulfill your emotional needs; get socialized, befriend with people who motivates you and who live healthy happy life. Learn to manage stress, if needed then get help form psychologists.

2. Fake it till you make it. Visualize regularly, never stop dreaming. Be hopeful someday you will be free from addiction.

3. Pre-plan how you are going to deal with relapse. Everyone fails in life, so even if you relapse, stand back, learn from it and try to avoid the same mistake in the future. Read More..

Is War Against Drug Actually Failing:

Chasing-the-Scream-Johann-HariThis article is little controversial, I don’t know what you make of it. But I am really inspired by the ideas shared in the book “Chasing the Scream: The First and Last Days of the War on Drugs”, by Johann Hari, a British Journalists who researched and concluded how war against drug is failing. Read More..

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