Human Consciousness

Sunday, April, 12, 2015

Who are you? If you had asked me this question, then I would have answered, I am Raj. But who actually is Raj, it’s just the name made of three alphabets, can these alphabets define me. The question “Who actually am I?”, has been puzzling the great minds since centuries.

But we say I am ——-, this is my hand, this is my leg, body, brain etc. all the time. Nature or GOD (whatever you like to say) has provided each of us with a set of eyes, nose, ears, tongue and skin to receive the external information. But, do we all see, feel, smell or hear this world in the same way. Is your red same as mine, do you feel same as I feel in the certain circumstances.

What happens when a person dies? Where does his/her consciousness goes? How can we imagine and go in past and future in a moment? Is brain just the combination of billions of neurons or something greater, something divine? Is brain and mind two different things?

Well according to my view, little answer can be found by comparing with today’s computer. But to be honest, I am not expert neither in computing nor in consciousness but I love thinking. In today’s society we have a computer, it has a hardware and a software part. In hardware there comes RAM, ROM, Processor, hard-disk etc. But software is what really makes computer work, without software computer is just like a dead body without consciousness. But we can’t touch the software but can only feel it’s there making our computer work. Well this is insane to compare human body with computer. Our human body is very complex system, it can feel, think and solve problems in unique way.

I know your thirst for answer hasn’t dissolved but only got more stronger. That’s why scientist and expert throughout this world trying to find the actual mechanism behind consciousness. Let’s hope someday within our life time we may be able to learn truth about human consciousness.

But don’t get confused, seriously it’s so called Raj Kar Ki writing this article. Till then, Good Luck.

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