Start Journaling

Thursday, April, 09, 2015

Its very good to make journal of your everyday activities. You can preserve all your wonderful moments. And read it any time. It feels like you had gone to that past moment when you read about it in some point in future. You can look back, and see what type of person you were and what you are now.

You can track your goals or important events of life. Journaling can become your very best friend. You can share all your stories, emotions and angers with it.

I can remember that I started journaling about 4 years ago, in the beginning I just used to write few days a week if something special happen in certain day. But nowadays I write on it everyday, someday I write 2-3 pages with exact time of happening of things. It has helped me a lot to keep record of the things that happen in my life.  I was inspired by a Singaporean blogger Celestine Chua, she was my inspiration of early days.

And someday if you become great person, then it will be easier for other to write biography about you. Who knows?

One year from now, you will wish you had started from today.

So, may be today is the best day to start journaling your life.

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