Amazing Synchronicity

Saturday, April, 4, 2015

(Note: Today it is partial lunar eclipse in Nepal and total  eclipse in some part of world. )

Recently I made an awesome discovery about myself.

It was 7:46 PM Friday March-20-2015, I had just watched some documentaries about Alien Lifeform or ET interfering on Earth(Since 5-6 months many miraculous things are happening in my life, which changed my perceptions. I have written about it in my post I Surrendered ).Then something urged me to look in my name and I discovered many things in the upcoming days, which I will mention in this post. Actually I am able to pinpoint each things that happen to my life since more than 2-3 years with exact time as far as possible because I write daily in my dairy. And I have finished 4 diaries so far.

First of all let’s understand how did I did it?

I considered,

A= 1            B=2          C=3           D=4            E=5             F=6            G=7           H=8             I=9           J=10         K=11           L=12         M=13      N=14           O=15           P=16          Q=17         R=18          S=19         T=20       U=21          V=22         W=23     X=24           Y=25          Z=26

My name is Raj Karki.

So if (R=18)+(A=1)+(J=10)=(RAJ=29)

I would like to break my caste name Karki into Kar and Ki

So, KAR=30  KI=20

Combining my full name I get, 29-30-20

Let’s consider 30=03            i.e 29-03-20

What’s special about this is, my birth date is 29-03-2053 BS (That’s from local calendar of Nepal) Here only thing missing is 53.

Again, the name in my birthchart is Bodhraj Karki.

Here (BODH=29)+(RAJ=29)=58

And  (KAR=30)+(KI=20)=50

By adding 50 and 58 I get 108. And 108 is a sacred number. Read it here 108 Meaning

Also, 108=1*(2*2)*(3*3*3)

And, 30=(1*1)+(2*2)+(3*3)+(4*4)

And, 29=(2*2)+(3*3)+(4*4)

Moreover from 2053/03 /29, if I add 53, 03 and 29 I get 85.

i.e 53+03+29=85. Let’s take 85 as 58 which get equal to


This is all amazing.

If you also have something like this in your name or in something else please comment it.


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