What Do We Know?

Saturday, March, 21, 2015

We human beings think that we have figured out much of our reality. Yes, if considered we do have, we have figured out the origin of living creatures, mass-energy relation, how sun, star, machines, cells, DNA works…….

But, what if they were all illusion? A Chinese philosopher saw a butterfly in his dream and when he woke up he said, “Am I the butterfly in the dream of man or man in the dream of butterfly.” Like this, what if all the things we call our reality and experience is just a dream. And someday we may woke up in somewhere in this vast universe. May be that will happen after death, who knows?

Few hundred years ago people used to think that earth is flat and sun revolves around the earth. They were completely wrong as per today’s point of view but it wasn’t their mistake, they just described what they saw. They saw land and ocean as flat till the horizon so they concluded that earth was flat, every morning they saw sun rising in the east and setting in the west so they concluded sun revolves around the earth. But, now if we tell this kind of fact even to small children, they laugh at us. It’s not that we are more intelligent than our ancestors (perhaps may be little bit) but real thing is, today we don’t look at things as our ancestors used to. Our paradigm and perception has shifted.

So, there is a chance many things we know may become completely invalid in future. At that time we(or our future generations) may learn to look things far more differently than today.

Someday we may come to conclusion that what our religious texts and books trying to say is true. Today whom we think as our GOD may not be GOD but actually different types alien being who were far more advanced than us and came to help us, who manipulated or re-engineered our DNA to make us more intelligent than other animals. And what we think as their possession of magic and supernatural power may not actually be magic but use and possession of advanced technology. Let’s take an example, a person who has never seen any kind of modern technology, when sees a person using a smart phone for the first time, will be fascinated by the function of that small thin flat plate (as per his perception) and think it as somekind of magical device or gift from GOD. We know he is wrong but it’s not his mistake, he just described on the basis of what he saw and understood. So it may be possible that our ancestors has misinterpreted and misunderstood alien beings as GOD and their technology as magic and supernatural power.

There is a quote, “We don’t see how things are, we see how we look at them. And when we change the way we look at things, things we look at changes.”

I don’t know when will we change the way we look at things but when we do so, we will be amazed to see the new way this universe works.

I want to end this with the quote of Albert Einstein,

“Science without religion is lame and religion without science is blind.”

If you have any questions you can comment it below or can GOOGLE Search on it.


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