I Surrendered:

Friday, February, 27, 2015

I am afraid this is going to be a long post, but to make it clear I have to do so. Since 27 September of 2014, my life is changing, I have never been so much spiritual in my life that is I am now. I got the chance to encounter audio book of Dr Wayne Dyer’s “I Can See Clearly Now” it was paradigm shifting. Then I encountered Dolores Canons work on spirituality. Robert Schwartz’s concept of pre-birth planning and Eckhart Tolle’s concept of “Power Of Now” and surrendering, changed my life. Paulo Coelho’s book “Alchemist” was also good one. Movie “Celestine Prophecy” was also helpful.

Previously I used to be an atheist, believing only in physical things and free will of human. But, since September 27 there have been a lot of coincidence in my life, that urged me to believe in God (Or universal consciousness or guiding angels or spirit). And I finally surrendered yesterday. What I came to conclusion is: I would like to begin with a story from a movie “War Horse”, in the movie a horse tries to escape from the tortured minded German soldiers, it run through a field covered with barbed wire, it manage to pass through some barbed wire fences but it get stuck and eventually it falls down. It tries to escape through the wire. It struggle and struggle but like quick sand it only get more and more wrapped and wounded by barbed wire. And finally it stops struggling and surrenders and soldiers free it from barbed wire. This scene in the movie is very painful. Let’s come to the point, like barbed wire, our life is wrapped by many problems (bad or unfortunate situation) and more we struggle to get free from it, the more we get wrapped and hurted. So the best thing to do is ‘Surrendering To God (or universal intelligence, spirit guide or higher consciousness whatever you like to call)’ and start solving our problem one by one slowly.

Robert Schwartz said we plan our life prior to birth, whatever the major things we are facing is already planned by us(by our soul) before birth and there are guiding angels who are always around us to guide us through the plan. He said there are certain things which are already planned and they will happen to us anyhow. But he also said, we can change our reality by increasing our vibration (through positive thinking and higher consciousness) upto some extent.

Dr Wayne Dyer, in his book “I Can See Clearly Now” said, there is no coincidence, everything has a greater purpose in life and in this universe some kind of plan is always working on. When we are ready we will see it. He focused on following our instincts, meditating on our vision and doing what our heart tells us even it seems odd at that moment.

Eckhart Tolle in his book “Power Of Now” said we should surrender, forgive our past and live in the present, live in the now. He focused on timeless principle. Paulo Coelho in his book Alchemist also focused on following our instincts, passion and spirit guide. In his book there is a quote, “Secret is here in the present, if you pay attention in present, you can improve upon it and if you improve upon present what come later will also be better. Forget about the future and live each in confident that God loves his children. Each day in itself brings eternity.” Dolores Canons focused on ET (Extra Terrestrial Life ) and intelligence life on other planet who are watching and experimenting on us. After reading this if you are interested in spirituality then GOOGLE search on it, read about it and share your views and idea to people around you.

3 thoughts on “I Surrendered:”

  1. Thus propelled on by the mysterious complete stranger, Santiago abandons his shepherd life to this journey of discovery.
    He crosses from Spain into Tangiers and also additionally, attending to the omens as well as prevailing over obstacles along the road.

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