Simplify The Life:

Monday, December, 29, 2014

In the beginning we all had simple life with less stuff. As a child we were happy in our own small world. But as we grew up, we got carried away by the wind of advertisement, social status, peer pressure blah blah blah. This created unnecessary desire to buy all those latest gadgets, earn more, spend more, be more etc.

Life is now complicated. We now think that happiness is in buying latest things and owning more. We think we are missing all kinds of happiness and fun others are having. We are forgetting that we will always be absent in many places when we are present in one place but instead desire to do more, earn more and own more is growing more intense.

Just brainstorm, whatever you are doing or thinking now, will it matter in 5 years from now? Do all those stress worth our time? We watch TV endlessly, hang in social networking sites for long time, blah blah blah . Do those matter in long run?

As you will always be absent in millions of places when you are present in one place. So, just focus on what’s important like health, important relationship, personal development and type of contribution you want to give to this world. Doing these things will make your life much simpler than it is now.

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