Being Unlucky:

Sunday, December, 28, 2014

I wonder why life is so full of inequality, some are born with all the needs well fulfilled and some have to live in the  environment full of lacks.

But if we look more deeply it depends on us, about feeling lucky or unlucky. If we compare ourselves to someone better than us, then we feel unlucky. But, if we compare our life with someone who is more unfortunate than us, then we feel lucky.But being honest, in this vast world of 8 billion people someone is always better than you.

Personally, looking at my own life I can be unhappy for being grown up only by the support of my Mom and her parents. But on the other hand, I can be grateful for what I have learnt by being grown up by single parent and for being able to be self dependent. It is very hard to stop comparing, accept the things as it is and be grateful for what we have. I should admit that I am also not good at it. It requires a lot of time and practice to cultivate this great habit.

Remember this, if we focus more on things that we don’t have then we forget about the good things that we have.

(Love you Mommy, Grandfather and Grandmother for supporting, caring and loving me.)

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