When Plates Become Full:

Saturday, December,  27,  2014

Even though it is a truth that we can only do few things in life (or at a time) and we have only 24 hours each day, we forget so easily about this fact and try to do everything at once.

Recently, I also felt like this. My plate was full. I was trying to do more at a same time and I crashed at end. If I had focused on only few important things then I would have done more progress (but now I can’t do anything but accept and learn from it).

If you are another human like me, then you might have also gone through this type of condition. You might have also wanted to accomplish more things than you could handle and ended up accomplishing very few things (at worst case scenario accomplished nothing).

So, if you are feeling stuck or heavy due to your goals, then it is better to let go some of them and try them next time. Sometimes based on our ego, fear or anger we even try to accomplish those things which don’t matter in future. To figure out whether it is important or not, just prioritize, think big, think ahead in future and ask yourself will it matter after 1, 2 or 5 years from now? I hope you got your answer.

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