Power Of Imagination

Tuesday, November, 04, 2014

We human are very good at imagining, we can imagine of being in any part of world, being very famous, rich etc within a second. It don’t need much effort and we are very good at it. Well this is good, it helps us to be hopeful in bad situations by picturing of good situations which can occur in future. With the help of imagination people are creating new things, art, songs which are making our life more easier and fun. We can also face our fears anxiety inside our own world that we can create inside our own mind.

Whenever we imagine we can create a clear picture in our mind. And our mind cannot differentiate between reality and imaginary picture, so our body react according to our imagination. For example if we clearly imagine of being in the top of Everest, we feel a kind of stress, fear and cold.

Some call it extra sense other call it waste of time. Well it depend on how we use it. As gravity help us to stand and sit easily whereas on the other hand, it can kill us when we jump from building. So, we should use this free gift of nature for good.

When we try to accomplish a task, we have a two choice for imagining: we can imagine of being failure or imagine of being successful. If we imagine of being failure, we fear doing that task which leads to procrastination. On the other hand, if we imagine of being successful we get excited to do the task and leads to productivity. This is just a very small example. In real life many similar things happens. So, we should use our mind to imagine about positive things that we want to do. We should be master of our imagination not the servant.

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