Less Vs More

Thursday, October, 23,  2014

“Dream big, but start small.”

This quote seems so small, but it carries huge information. Don’t you think we human are very good at dreaming, it’s so easy and it doesn’t costs us anything. Within a fraction of seconds, we can dream of impossible things happening around our life. Actually this is good. But problem comes when we don’t start small. We want our result as soon as possible, so we underestimate the power of less and jump to start big. We believe more is better, even more is even better. Most of the time this belief will make us fail.

This is common but huge mistake that keep us from accomplishing our goals most of the time. Well, I also used to do so in the past. So, despite my huge effort to accomplish something, I used to fail miserably. But now I believe in power of less. Now, it’s your turn.

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