Greatest Enemy

Wednesday, October, 22, 2014

We all have so called enemy, it can be teachers, for teenager like me it can be adults, sometimes friends, exam etc. We blame other for our bad situations and try to escape the feeling of guilty instead of tackling our inner problem.

There is a saying, “If there is no enemy inside, enemy outside can do us no harm.” I don’t know what do you think of this quote, but I believe it as a truth. Let’s look at some examples, we fail the exam because of our procrastinating habit, we get obese due to our unhealthy habit, we miss the opportunities due to our laziness etc. Wait a minute and think deeply about this.

Next thing, I am not saying that there is always our fault for our situation, but most of the time it is. So, instead of blaming someone or something, it is better to look at ourselves and figure out where we went wrong.

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