Change Your Life

Monday, October, 20, 2014

We all want to change our life, get more better whether it is getting out of debt, losing some weight, becoming more conscious, getting good grades etc. I think most of you reading this have already tried many attempts to get rid some bad habits or cultivate good one. But chance of success is very low, why this?

This is the question I have been trying to figure out since couple of years ago. At this point I have figured out one thing, “Slow change is better than no change.”

When we think about changing our life, we want to change our life completely. We create an ideal routine first day, next day we try to stick with it, but fail. At last in third day, that routine get in to its actual place(dustbin). Things like this don’t work because our will-power can’t handle huge change at once, it’s overwhelmingly bo(oooo)ring.

Next thing is we want our result as soon as possible. For example, we want to have a perfect body within a few weeks. And we are so impatient that if our hard work don’t show us any result within a week, we simply dump the idea of changing into dustbin.

At this point we are completely missing the point, that is we have to be slow but not stagnant. Rather than trying to change our life completely at once and eventually failing, why not change 2-3 habits in tiny-tiny steps. And from that point keep increasing scale of your change. Remember, stable change always requires time.

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